Remote Mixing

Strangeworld�s remote mixing service gives you the opportunity to have your recording mixed by a top UK mix engineer at a price that is affordable to all in a professional studio fully equipped with both state of the art and vintage classic audio equipment.

How does it work?

You send us multitrack WAV audio files of your music either by uploading them to our site or by post on a data DVD . We will send you back the stereo master mixes . There is also a choice to have us broadcast the mix live to your home or studio while in conversation with the engineer . We also suggest you send a rough mix and Spotify playlist of reference material guide for the mix engineer � musical influences and songs you�d like your mixes to sound like.

What do you get?

The mixes you receive for listening reference are � basic cd reference mastered� 16-bit WAV files . They have gone through a basic digital mastering process so that they can be realistically compared to other records at similar volumes.

Once this mix is approved an unprocessed 24-bit WAV file will be created for use in the final mastering process. As well as the final mix, you will also get an instrumental mix and vocal stems. Additional stems can also be provided if required.

We will keep your mix sessions for 12 months so that you can come back for changes in the future.


You can listen to Strangeworld�s jukebox which will play records that have been mixed and mastered at Strangeworld Studios for your reference.

Mix Options

Our mixes are performed in stages and the options you choose are down to you and your budget.

Monitor Mix

This basic mix with basic processing will give clients a clear indication of the direction in which the mix is going.

It will not be a finished mix but will give clients an option to take the mix to the next stage.

Strangeworld Studios will also provide an engineer�s report relating to the mix.

Master Mix

This is a dynamic mix that the engineer has completed and how he feels the final record should be heard.

Vocals levels will be refined and all instrumentation balances automated to get the most from the mix.

Mixing is always a matter of taste and there will be things you�d like to change in which case you can then take the next option�

Final tweaked Master

If you like the Master Mix but want some changes made you can choose this next option . Simply submit your tweak list to the engineer.

At this stage Strangeworld Studios will broadcast the mix directly to you and via a simultaneous Skype conversation you can have the engineer make any changes you want while hearing it live.

At the end of this session, the engineer will send you back the Final tweaked Master.

Once you�re happy with the mix you can also use Strangeworld�s Mastering service at a discounted rate.

We do suggest that you to start with the Monitor Mix option, because this will enable our engineers to work on the track and examine the recording .

The monitor mix will be returned to clients with an engineers report highlighting any comments or suggestions .