Analogue & Digital

At Strangeworld Studios we master your music to the highest standard in the analogue domain using high end converters to convert your music from digital to analogue without any loss of detail or clarity. This signal is then fed into selected items from our extensive collection of analogue and valve mastering processors which includes compressors, equalizers and various other analogue outboard gear. The signal is then converted back into the digital domain to be optimized for any medium required by our clients.

Digital mastering is also available for those on a tighter budget, using a superb range of industry standard plugins as a cost effective way to achieve similar results.

During the mastering process :

The mastering engineer will assess individual projects and client requirements to ensure that tracks are provided at the highest possible resolution, ensuring that you get the best results possible from the mastering process.

Enhancing the tonality or equalizing of all titles in relation to each other to ensure overall consistency, as tracks may have been recorded at different times or studios by different engineers and producers.

Adjusting the levels of each titles in relation to all others within the project or album.Correcting left/right balance offset within each title.

Reducing or removing clicks, hum, hiss and crackles.Removing any digital errors from the original source material.Reducing or removing any distortion, sibilance and saturation.

Controlling the dynamics like compression, multiband compression and expansion with each title in relation to all others within the project or album.

Adjusting any necessary phase correction or mono compatibility. Adjusting stereo width by either widening or reducing the image.

Optimising the project for whatever final broadcasting medium is required by clients.

Fine tuning start and end fades on all titles throughout the album or project.

Creating correct spacing and cross fading.Removing or editing any unwanted sections within any title , track or sequece.

And most importantly, MAKE YOUR MUSIC SOUND LOUD & CLEAR on Radio TV or any other chosen medium**